UACA Golden Apple Awards

ga1It is that time again for the Golden Apple Awards! Nominations for teachers, administrators and staff are currently being accepted through March 31, 2015. The Upper Arlington Civic Association (UACA) accepts nominations from public and private high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and pre-schools located within Upper Arlington.\

Nominate your Wickliffe favorite teacher HERE

The UACA accepts unlimited nominations and awards one per school except for the pre-schools in which one is awarded for all of the pre-schools. Competition is usually fierce, so the committee and the association considers each nomination with exceptional care. The recipients are teachers, administrators, and staff members who have demonstrated outstanding practices, unsurpassed student support, and a committed willingness to better education for all Upper Arlington students.

Students, parents, peers, administrators, and the community can tender nominations. The past award winners have received nominations from all groups. The nominations are reviewed by the UACA Directors. In addition to the pre-schools located in UA, the eligible schools are Barrington, Greensview, Hastings, Jones, St. Agatha, St. Andrews, Tremont, UAHS, Wellington, Wickliffe, and Windermere.


Wickliffe Wellness – Jump Rope For Heart

ahaWe are thrilled to be supporting the American Heart Association to help teach our students and families how to take care of their hearts through the Jump Rope For Heart program. What does your child get out of participating?
YOUR CHILD learns about the importance of the heart—how it works, and how to take care of it: With the educational programs from the American Heart Association, our students learn how the heart works, how exercise affects their hearts and how to stay FIT FOR LIFE! Approximately 80 percent of the funds raised go directly to the mission, funding extensive research efforts, heart education and programs to help us all live healthier lives.
jrhYOUR CHILD reaches out to friends and family: The safe online tool makes it easy for your child to set up a web page and send emails to support their fundraising efforts and to share life-saving information. The new app for smartphones also makes it easy for your student to text friends and family to join their campaign to be a heart hero. When your kids talk about their reasons for participating (such as a lost loved one or a family history of heart disease), it helps them connect the dots to a healthier life (and might even inspire a few other family members).
YOUR CHILD feels good for making a difference in people’s lives! Funds raised support the heart association’s research and education initiatives that save lives in our community. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of all Americans and more people die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined. The American Heart Association is second only to the U.S. government in funding research in heart disease and stroke. Additionally, the school earns money for PE equipment so we can keep our kids MOVING!
We hope you are as excited as we are to support our students in this important experience. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please let me know. Visit to get started today!

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Food Drive: Donate to Heart to Heart

htohWho: Mrs. Oberlin and Bennett’s Classes

What: Shelf Milk, Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Where: Outside Rooms 217 and 201 and in the Wickliffe Office

When: NOW and until this end of April


First Community Church Community Outreach Building
1944 W First Ave. Columbus, OH 43212

Contact or for more info




What’s Happening at Wickliffe This Week?

Dear Wickliffe Community,
Things are changing up this week. It’s March, and it’s a 5 day week! This week at Wickliffe we hope you will be able to join us for the following events:

Block Party: Block Learning and Teaching in the Classroom

yhst-94871585808183_2267_87008513Wickliffe Principal Chris Collaros & Dr. Julie Eirich will facilitate a discussion on the benefits of Block Play in the Classroom: Math. Measurement. Balance. Negotiation. Collaboration. And fun.   This will be at 6:00 PM on Thursday, March 12, 2015.

You might call blocks the anti-app: These smooth maple pieces need no recharging and no downloading.
As a community, we will gather for a brief general Wickliffe Progressive PTO Meeting and then explore recent studies concerning Block Play.

Checkout this piece at Behold The Humble Block! Tools Of The Trade

Scholastic Book Fair Family Night 

book-fairWednesday March 11th 4-8pm
We will be staying open late for our Family Night which will include the Wickliffe PTO Fair Trade sale and a Wickliffe Daisy Troop 860 cookie booth.  Stop in and grab a few goodies for Spring Break!


Wickliffe Helps Out

We currently have a Wickliffe family who could use our support.  Gift cards (gas, grocery, or fast food) is what is most helpful at this time. Dr. Julie Eirich will put an envelope in her mailbox for anyone who would like to provide a donation (no amount is too small!) Thank you all for your consideration.

May the sun find you this week!

Cat Hiller

Scholastic Book Fair Starts Next Week

Scholastic Book Fair Family Night is at 4-8pm on March 11th.
We will be staying open late on Wednesday, March 11th, until 8pm.  Our Family Night will include the Wickliffe PTO Fair Trade sale and a Wickliffe Daisy Troop 860 cookie booth.  You can find great gifts, books, and cookies all in one place while supporting your PTO!

Volunteers Needed: Wickliffe Front Desk Coverage

frontdeskWe are looking for friendly faces to cover the Wickliffe front desk during the lunch hour from 11:00AM – 12:00PM. If you are able to help, please sign up below. It is a a fun job that includes answering the phone, buzzing people into the building, and problem solving with students. Most importantly you will be the welcoming face for our guests, staff, and students.




FairtradeJOIN US SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2015 from  10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club has graciously offered a 1-WEEK FREE, FAMILY PASS to anyone who purchases from our FAIR TRADE MARKETPLACE at the event.

Place custom orders from our featured Fair Trade Partners by emailing

Our Vendors:
Equal Exchange Partners:
Global Crafts:
Global Goods:
Matr Boomie:
Swahili African Modern:
World Finds:



Upcoming Events at Wickliffe

image1Dear Wickliffe Community,
I hope you are enjoying the wonders of this white Ohio winter and our unexpected time off.

Although it looks calm and quiet, it is actually a very exciting and busy time at Wickliffe. Many important opportunities are unfolding, all before Spring Break! So get out your calendar & prepare to be a part of these exciting Wickliffe events.

Wickliffe Kindergarten Information Meeting 
February 26th @ 6:45
Staff will gather in the gym for an informal presentation on our Wickliffe program. 

UA District Informal Program Information 
March 3rd @ 6:30
Barrington & Wickliffe staff will gather in the Barrington Elementary school cafeteria. If you have ever wondered “How is Informal different from the other programs?” This would be a great meeting to attend. 

Informal Affair Wrap up & 2015 Pass Off
March 4th @ 6:30
The Daily Growler (2812 Fishinger Rd, Upper Arlington, OH 43221)
We will celebrate our hard work & prepare for a successful 2015 Informal Affair. This is a great meeting to attend if you have ever wanted to get involved with the IA process. We will even feed you Donato’s Pizza! Bring a friend, you will need a break after all of these snow day

Block Party
March 12th @ 6:00
As a community we will gather for a brief general PTO meeting and then explore the benefits of Block Play. Our Wickliffe staff will guide us through recent studies & plans to incorporate blocks into every classroom. We plan to facilitate & discuss much like the evening we watched August to June. 

Things To do On A Snowy Day:

  • Make a snow man or a snow castle or monster even! Send us a picture and we will post it for others to see!
  • Go sledding. Scioto River, near the Fishinger bridge has great runs & you can get a hot cocoa at Colin’s Coffee afterwards to warm up!
  • Grab a book! Get lost in the pages!
  • Bake with the kids!
  • Have a snow ball fight. Have you seen those snowball molds that make 8 at a time? Whoa!?
  • Play Monopoly or Risk. Both are long board games that are big fun for the family.
  • Snow paint. Put some water and food coloring in squirt bottles and become a snow Picasso.
  • Pick a trilogy & expose your children to some of the classics.
  • Make pizza together!
  • Do crossword puzzles.
  • Make a family calendar. Put all of the important Wickliffe dates on it!
  • Take a nap.
  • Help a neighbor shovel snow. Very good karma, who knows you could need the help one day.
  • Catch snow flakes on black paper. No two are alike!


Stay Warm,

Cat Hiller

Wickliffe PTO President


Classroom News: Blocks Rock!

Those who attended the Informal Affair may have seen information on the upcoming Wickliffe PTO Block Party fundraiser.  The goal is to provide a set of blocks for each Wickliffe classroom. But why blocks?

Blocks aren’t just for preschool anymore. Research shows significant learning benefits of block play for children throughout elementary school and beyond. This was demonstrated in a “Keva City” project that organically emerged at recess in Mrs. Giles second and third grade class this fall.

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pwLogo_earth-smallPower Wolves are Wickliffe volunteers that change the world through service projects.  The Power Wolves logged about 120 service hours last year. Last year our wolves;

  • Sent a batch of 30 thank you cards to veterans and soldiers.
  • Made 150 cat toys for Cat Welfare. Visited the cats and played with them with the toys that were created.
  • Made posters for Wickliffe Goes Global campaign.
  • Raised $124 at bake sale at Spring Celebration. Proceeds were donated to World Wildlife Fund for the symbolic adoption of a Snow Leopard.
  • Raised $520 at the Roll-a-thon for the Red Cross for victims of hurricane Sandy.

Wickliffe PTO is looking for a few dedicated, parent volunteers that can lead this group.  Meetings are typically held from 3-4pm in the teacher’s lounge in March, April, and May.  Please contact if you can help.

Our goal is to complete 3-5 projects and connect members with other volunteer opportunities at Wickliffe.

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PTO School Directory

ptodirHave you been looking for the PTO Directory in your kid’s backpack? Here are some reasons that it hasn’t been published:

  • In order to comply with FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), the Wickliffe PTO can not get class lists or some contact informaton from the teachers, the administration, or the school district.  Government officials (at both the State and Federal levels) have crafted laws that put local school districts in legal peril if they give us your information and we publish it (even with your permission).
  • Wickliffe PTO hasn’t found enough people resources to finish the directory.  We have asked for volunteers (via this website and Facebook), but no one has stepped up to help finish the process of formatting and coordinating with a printer.

Wickliffe PTO volunteers have obtained advertisers and cobbled a lot of your information from other sources, so if you have unyoking of desktop publishing experience and are interested in putting the Wickliffe PTO directory together and joining a great bunch of volunteers (that are passionate and already helping out with many Wickliffe PTO activities), please email

Wickliffe PTO



Wickliffe Fundraiser: Shopping & Cocktails

Processed with MoldivWhat a wonderful collaboration! The Wickliffe PTO and Wickliffe parent-owned businesses present to you our first ever night-out event with Shopping & Cocktails.

Wickliffe parent, Meredith Piccin is founder of Honey Rose & K.  Her jewelry line is now carried at Bohindi. Honey Rose & K has been featured in many of the most popular fashion magazines on the market including Seventeen, People Style Watch, and Oprah magazine.
Wickliffe parents, Greg and Leigh Lehman will be providing Watershed Distillery cocktails for the event.  To those who attended the Informal Affair, you know what a treat this will be!
Wickliffe parent, Michele Slone-Rapp is owner of the Jr. Explorer’s Club.  She has offered to provide an exciting night of entertainment for the kids, so they won’t miss you for a second.  Ages 3+, 3 hours/$25.
Bohindi, Honey Rose & K, and the Jr. Explorer’s club will be donating 20% of their proceeds from the night to the Wickliffe PTO.
Please let us know if you’re coming and RSVP on Facebook
When: February 12, 2015
Where: Bohindi, 2134 Arlington Avenue
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm
Honey Rose & K
Please join us for a pre-Valentine’s Day night-out with the love of your life . . . and your girlfriends, of course! 
Wickliffe PTO

Wickliffe Wellness – Urban Zen

Urban Zen – Finding Calm in the Chaos
Taught by: Sharon Collaros, RYT –  Urban Zen Integrative Therapist

images-3The time to rest and restore is when you don’t have time to rest and restore.  Come catch the Urban Zen vibe. This uniquely different class is all about integrated relaxation and restoration designed to promote deep muscle release and a substantial calming of the nervous system.  Students (adults only) are positioned in completely comfortable restorative poses using blankets, bolsters, and other props.  Aromatherapy, guided breath awareness, body scan practices and Reiki are all offered to coax maximum release.

  •  Dressing in layers is highly suggested to keep warm.  As the body relaxes, core body temperature goes down.
  • Bring your own yoga mat.
  • Absolutely no yoga experience required.

When:  February 9-April 13 (No class on February 16, President’s Day and March 23rd, Spring Break)
Where: Room 108, Wickliffe
Time:  7:00 PM-8:30 PM
Cost:  $120 to be paid first day of class
Maximum Class Size:  10

To sign up please email Sharon at:


Do your socks have holes in them? Sign your kids up for SEWING 101

Introduction to Sewing is for any kid who wants to learn how to sew.  Our sewing classes have always filled up, so this one will too.  Kids will learn beginning sewing, including basic needle and thread techniques and stitches.  Self-paced class will have several simple projects to choose from to sew.

Classes start Thursday, February 5, 2014, so sign up ASAP.


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Does your kid need more STEM? Try MINECRAFT MATH

imageMinecraft Mathematics is an after school enrichment program that uses the Minecraft video game. Minecraft not only engages students but helps develop many desirable skill sets including teaching math, engineering and programming as an added benefit. Students collaborate with one another by solving various problem scenarios and creating wonderful, imaginative structures and worlds. Also, this program utilizes the design cycle steps of brainstorm, design, build, evaluate, modify, and share which supports our commitment to helping students develop 21st Century Skills. We believe that the skills that are developed by playing Minecraft can help students develop creativity and problem solving skills while collaborating with their friends and learning math concepts at the same time!

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Wickliffe Skate Party at Skate Zone 71

Join us at Skate Zone 71 on February 4th from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM for a Wickliffe Progressive PTO fundraiser and SKATE PARTY. This is an EARLY DISMISSAL DAY, so all you’re friends will be there.






After School Discovery – Classes starts next week


Classes start during the next two weeks, and there are still spots available in many After School Discovery Classes.

After School Discovery is a PTO after school enrichment program that runs through the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each session we have a calendar full of fun, educational, and recreational programs designed for our students. Classes vary by grades and interests and are priced reasonably so that our students can discover something new!  Winter Class Registration is OPEN.

Classes are open to any and all Wickliffe students that fall into the right age category for that class.  Each session we try to offer something new while keeping some of our popular classes throughout the year.  This winter, we have some new classes:  Minecraft Math, Kitting, Arcade Science, and Clay Class and some popular classes from previous years: Chess Club, and Basketball.



After School Discovery Class: Intro to Sewing

imagesNEW AFTER SCHOOL DISCOVERY CLASS ADDED!!! Wickliffe Progressive PTO has made a late addition to our ASD classes: INTRODUCTION TO SEWING due to the high demand for the Advanced Sewing Class.

Since our Advanced Sewing Class is so popular (and filled up so fast), we decided to have a special sewing class for beginners.  Kids will learn beginning sewing, including basic needle and thread techniques and stitches. Taught by Wickliffe mom and PTO President Catrina Hiller, this class will be AMAZING.

There are still other exciting classes still open for winter registration, such as Basketball, Drama, Yoga, Minecraft Math, and Clay Class.


Boxtops and other Loyalty Programs

Boxtops for Education 

logo_btfeWickliffe receives 10 cents or more per box top which literally turns into hundreds of extra dollars every year for our kids’ benefit!  All you you have to do to help with this cause is neatly clip box tops from your items at home and deposit them into the painted house receptacle labeled BOX TOPS located near the office.  Also, log onto for coupons, recipes and more!
Please get all your boxtops to the painted house receptacle labeled BOXTOPS located near the office before February 1, 2015.  

We also are collecting Tyson A+ labels ( and “Labels for Education” (  These are great, easy ways that Wickliffe can earn money and support our students.

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School-age Child Care Program (SACC) – 2015-2016

1405705553573UPPER ARLINGTON SCHOOL-AGE CHILD CARE PROGRAM 2015-2016 Enrollment Policies and Procedures

The Upper Arlington School-Age Child Care Program provides quality school-age programming for children attending Barrington, Greensview, Tremont, Wickliffe, and Windermere Schools. Children must attend the SACC program at the school they attend daily. Parents cannot request to have their children bused to another site. The program is designed to be a link between school and home for the working parent. To insure the safety of the children and the quality of the program, SACC enrollment will be controlled by the space and staff that is available at each site, and as mandated by the Ohio Department of Education.


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